Online Resource: English Droid

droid1.jpgAnother long day that makes you want to drown your sorrows at a local pub? I won’t stop you from that, but when you get back home, look no further than English Droid. New TEFL teachers, cover your eyes and ears or at least don’t take it all to heart. There are no real lesson plans here, but when you need a good laugh, this site really hits the spot.

Begin with the motivation quiz, and if you are still up for another game, think Choose Your Own Adventure and try the maze: how to become a DoS. In one version, if you don’t choose wisely, a camel sits on you in Saudi Arabia.

Satisfy your curiosity about why people come to to expensive english classes: perhaps they would not mind shagging a native speaker or maybe their parents or boss made them

Browse the latest series: How To… Teach With No Prep, Unjam Photo Copiers, Avoid Teaching Children and Survive On Your Salary.

Discover how to stay sane at a teachers meeting using DoS bingo (cross off a box when the DoS looks at clock, rolls eyes, gives bad news, etc.).

Meet your colleagues, including the surfer (usually blond and Australian) and the Scot (find out why no one argues with him).

And finally, see the truth about using video in class and learn about politically correct versions of the old standby communicative activities (aka games)…Parole Officer (instead of Hangman) and naughts and crescents (replacing those pesky crosses).

How can you not love a site that features C-3P0 clutching the TEFL Bible: New Headway Elementary?