Technology In The EFL Classroom

ESL Pundit expresses dismay that the language classroom seems slow to catch on to technological advances, notably as they relate to using realia such as podcasts in class.

I’d second the notion of bringing authentic materials into class, but I don’t know if I can be quite as enthusiastic about incorporating technology at the exclusion of the old stand-bys like the cassette and CD. Having worked at schools that have tape recorders only – not even CD players – it strikes me that it’s just not financially feasible for quite a lot of schools/countries to take these steps. I don’t mean to say new technology should be avoided completely. However, I think the possibility of schools using it but charging students more (or, heaven forbid paying teachers even less) and English becoming more and more the domain of the wealthy – even more so than it is now – is a real one.

However, teaching abroad has also given me this “anything is possible” perspective, and it is very possible for teachers to take the time and make the effort to incorporate realia into the classroom. It may mean lugging in your own CD player or even laptop to school from time to time…but it’s possible.