Top 10: Cities To Work In If You Fancy A Bustling Metropolis

300px-crowded_nanjing_road_in_shanghai1.jpgAre big cities the same everywhere? Yes and no. No and yes. Get yourself a job in one of these world cities and find out. Also get a preview here with the help of Travelistic and

1. Istanbul: See what jobs there are over at

2. London: If you can work there, that is! A video about Portobello Road courtesy of Travelistic.

3. Bangkok: Get a feel for this place with an In Focus video from Travelistic.

4. Seoul: There might be a few jobs here, according to Dave’s ESL Cafe.

5. Mexico City: One of the biggest and liveliest cities in the world – here’s the video.

6. Berlin: Word has it that Germany is slightly less difficult to work in than many of its EU counterparts. See four job ads from

7. Shanghai: See this city here.

8. Cairo: Culture shock and a metropolis all in one experience according to this video.

9. Tokyo: Don’t say no one warned you that it’s expensive – but well worth it. Check out these Japan job ads from

10. Rio: That’s all there is to say.