Top 10: Clues That You Might Just Work In TEFL

peel_apple1.jpg1. The last four days of the month (the ones prior to you getting paid) are known in your flat as “Ramen days”.

2. You know when to shake a board pen and when to retire it.

3. You can sweet talk a copy machine into doing just about anything.

4. Much like some people can peel an apple without breaking the skin, you can cut an A4 paper into twenty-seven evenly shaped pieces without putting the scissors down once, perhaps using this innovative paper cutting method.

5. You find yourself making the same mistakes as your students (“Can anyone explain me why is that?”).

6. When you travel people ask you where you learned English, and people at home aren’t sure if you’re really “from there” or not.

7. When you sit down with a group of friends, in the back of your mind you are trying to make sure everyone gets equal speaking time.

8. You use the words “super” and “toilet” (instead of bathroom) regularly, though hopefully not together, in the same sentence.

9. You’ve come to distrust driers (not to mention washing machines) and accept the slightly stiff feel your clothes get when you line dry them.

10. You’re never really sure how to write dates anymore or decide which floor is “really” the first.