Top 10: Slightly Tacky TEFL Encouragement

encouragement1.jpg1. The decision to do it is probably the hardest one to make.

2. Teaching EFL abroad gives you an opportunity to interact with locals – without having to speak the local language – that very very few other jobs will.

3. If you have worked and supported yourself in the US on your own (and probably many other countries but I can attest to the challenges in the US) you are off to a good start.

4. If you can use your common sense and think for yourself – there are few situations that this and a credit card cannot get you out of.

5. There are challenges for sure, like dealing with your boss, worrying about getting paid, and other adventures…but generally the cool people you meet like these, these and her and him make it all well worth it.

6. If you have traveled independently, you have a good sense of what you’re in for culture- and living style-wise.

7. If nothing else, you will gain an interesting experience and a new perspective.

8. No job is perfect; you could be facing parallel work stress at home; TEFL gives you the chance to go abroad.

9. When you’re old, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.

10. If these haven’t convinced you…nothing will 🙂 Go and enjoy.