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About the Author

My name is Katie and I’ve taught English in Sarajevo, Budapest, Bratislava and Chicago. I got my CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) in 2002 and have been teaching more or less ever since. I like teaching because of the creativity and critical thinking it requires. I also think that teaching offers you an unparalleled opportunity to interact with people from another country as individuals, and not as service providers or, say, recipients of aid.

I have a BA in Sociology and have more than once taken time off from school and work in order to travel (in Europe and India) and to work a variety of non-standard jobs at home in the US. Travel highlights include volunteering to help a team of Australian vets who were sterilizing stray dogs in Dharamsala, India (and in the process mastering the use of a pressure cooker), hiking in Bosnia, and, well, making day trips to Vienna to go shopping.