Gdog At The Daily Kimchi Eats Live Octopus, Fulfilling His Promise To The TEFL Logue

I recently took a few days off posting and in that time found something very exciting in the “incoming links” section of the TEFL Logue: a celebratory post at the Daily Kimchi about EFL blogger Gdog eating live baby octopus.

More intrepid readers will recall that after Gdog mentioned how much he would like to try eating live octopus on his own blog, I asked him to keep the TEFL Logue updated on this, and to provide an exclusive of sorts when he chowed down.

Here it is: no one has ever dedicated the experience of eating live octopus to me or the TEFL Logue, so I think that’s pretty neat!


There is much more to be found in the relevant post at the Daily Kimchi, including video footage of the selection and purchase of the octopus (actually two octopi), and a video of some travelers in Korea eating…something else, kind of. It’s hard to imagine how, but it got an even louder “yikes” from me.