Becoming A TOEIC Rater

ets_corp_logo1.gifIf you’re an experienced English teacher living in the US and you have a secure, high-speed Internet connection, you may be able to get paid to rate candidate’s TOEIC spoken and written responses from home.

ETS is looking for teachers who are willing to go through their online training and certification program and then rate candidate’s responses according to an existing scoring system. The workload depends on how many tests are administered and four- to eight-hour blocks of rating shifts are arranged on a monthly basis. The pay is $15 an hour, which I believe is not so far off from the average hourly pay for many ESL/EFL jobs in the US. It sounds as if the only downside is the unreliable nature of the hours.
For more information, including an application form, see the relevant Frequently Asked Questions section of the ETS site. I am indebted to the Job Board at Dave’s ESL Cafe for posting this job ad but sadly have found it not possible to link directly to job ads.

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