Branching Out: ESL Writing And Blogging

spring-break-blogger1.jpgI must admit, the position that sparked the idea for this post is in fact that of Spring Break Blogger: a Seattle-based events production company is looking for two individuals to blog about events over spring break in Mexico. The two who convince the company that they are the best will receive free airfare from the continental US to Mexico! Also included is a weekly stipend as well as an internet connection to facilitate the posting of four written posts and four video posts six days a week for three weeks. Not too shabby! And HEY, the deadline is Friday, February 9 … so get crackin’!

I know what you’re thinking “I’m an EFL teacher. I don’t even live in the US…but I’d love to go to Mexico…to anywhere!… and get paid to blog.” Well, here are some other ideas if this particular gig won’t work out.

  • If you are currently in a TEFL training course – or will be taking one – consider the ESL Base blog competition. The most visited trainee blog wins 400 Pounds.

  • Consider using your hard-earned expertise to write an article or two for Transitions Abroad magazine. See the submission guidelines here.

  • Just starting out? Why not write a travel or TEFL story for Bootsnall? It isn’t paid, but “Google loves us” so it will get you exposure and a few published articles under your belt to show off for future paid work.
  • Already blogging? Gdog at The Daily Kimchi has more than once mentioned the concept of the sponsored post. Give it a try!
  • If you’re laconic, as Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate says Harrison Ford is, try creating a headline for this competition.
  • Finally, if you can’t get enough of Bootsnall and think your posting stealth can rival that of the TEFL Logue, the Business Travel Logue, or the Paris Logue, see if you’ve got what it takes to Logue It.