ESL Job Sites (For Jobs In English-Speaking Countries)

So maybe last week you asked Should I Teach ESL In My Own Country? and decided yes…or at least maybe. But where to start looking for jobs?

The TEFL mainstay Dave’s ESL Café does have an International Jobs Board (in which it might not seem to make so much sense to include North American jobs, but that’s where they are – they are neither Korean or Chinese jobs, so are by default international) and North America and UK discussion boards.

A note on jobs “at home”. As the main fields are non-profits, universities and community colleges, know that many will require a Master’s Degree or more – quite often to nearly always with university postions, and perhaps even if an MA isn’t required for a non-profit job, you may well be competing with people who have this qualification.

I should also add that I am indebted to Richard for his assistance with a number of excellent New York and international ESL job links. *UPDATE* I might also just have to sell my soul to, which just provided the TEFL Logue with no fewer than eleven additional links…keywords like ESL and sometimes ESOL will work wonders with these.

General North America

  • Chronicle Careers: not just the US, and not just ESL/EFL; mostly university jobs. This is where the “good” jobs are – It’s the Dave’s of MAs and PhDs, according to Richard.
  • 50states: a site with links to college websites, designed mainly for prospective students – you need to visit the individual websites of nearby schools and find their job sections.
  • Also try TESOL,, and
  • In Canada, go for, Workopolis, and TESL Canada.
  • Craigslist has become quite a good source of job listings for different cities like Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver.
  • Finally don’t forget about, HotJobs, and Career Builder.
  • New York

  • Craigslist New York
  • Teaching jobs at the State Univerity of New York: These require MAs or more.
  • Literacy Assistance Center
  • Teaching jobs at the City University: Some ESL and all require MAs, at the very least.
  • Chicago

  • Craigslist Chicago
  • Non-profit jobs in Chicago, which may include ESL.
  • Links to member organizations of Chicago-based Literacy Works; many organizations will have jobs posted on their own sites if they are available.
  • The jobs section of the Chicago Reader classifieds.
  • UK and Australia

  • Craigslist London
  • The TEFL jobs section of the Guardian Unlimited: This is a good potential resource though the number of jobs seems to ebb and flow; it does also includes international jobs.
  • TES Jobs: include both ESL and ESOL as your search terms here.
  • In Australia, try CareerOne and Seek.
  • If any readers have additional contributions – links to free ESL job sites in English speaking countries – please submit them via email to Happy job hunting!