Finding a TEFL Job The Old Fashioned Way

looking-for-work1.jpgWhen I started my search for TEFL jobs in 2002 and thought I might work in Croatia, I sent cover letters and resumes via regular old mail to eight schools I found listed in Teaching English Abroad. Some were outdated, but I’d included my email on my resume, and one teacher responded by saying her school only had a few teachers and usually hired locals with language degrees, but sent a list of forty language schools in Croatia, several with email contact information. I contacted all of these and ended up with three interviews before my TEFL course. Incidentally, one of them did offer me a job, but only after I’d accepted my position in Sarajevo (that one was a google find).

If you are already in the location you want to teach in, a local may help you search the equivalent of the yellow pages online. Some sources say the British Council in a city keeps a list of reputable English schools, but I’m not convinced of the universality of this practice. Many do provide free (or cheap) Internet access and you can count on the employees speaking English, so they may be able to help you search online.

Don’t be shy when approaching potential employers or people who can help you (be polite and friendly, but not shy).