Interac In Japan

Interac has been operating since 1972 and bills itself as Japan’s leading provider of Assistant Language Teachers; typically ALT’s will work alongside a local teacher, in this case in all levels up to (including) high school and generally in connection with the state-selected book. They are also responsible for “developing materials.” Interac teachers work approximately 29.5 hours per week between 8am and 5pm, and although occasional weekend or evening attendance for special events is required, it’s not the norm. The salary is generally 250,000 yen per month, and comprehensive training is included (though it’s not clear how long this training is) as are survival Japanese lessons and a holiday time allowance.

Flights are not included, nor is housing, though “Interac provides thorough assistance in the search process for an economical and convenient apartment as well as the necessary guarantorship to secure a place to live. ALTs are personally responsible for the moving in costs, furnishings, rent and utility charges each month…” including the “”system fee”, which is usually the equivalent of one months rent.” They report that this “system fee” should be refunded when you leave, and that “One months rent will be around 50,000 yen, so an initial outlay of around 150,000 yen is to be expected,” depending on location of course.

Applicants must be native speakers of English; they should have a BA and be “professional in all aspects of behavior.” There is a short section on life in Japan – the particular details of which are of course most relevant to Japan, but the general tone of which is relevant to any experience abroad.

Positions start in either late March or late August/early September and finish in the end of March, and may be in any number of cities throughout Japan. Find out more at the Interac site iitself, or if you’re ready to go, you can apply here. You may also want to compare it with the JET Program or see what people in the Japan forum at Dave’s ESL Café have to say.