More Thoughts On A Job Post (That Would Be Part 3)

Once again, I’ve chosen a posted EFL job ad, removed identifying details, and included my thoughts and questions in the text.

Also once again, my disclaimer: I’m an experienced EFL teacher who has found jobs independently before, mainly in Eastern Europe. This makes me knowledgeable but not by any means infallible or an expert. Hopefully my thoughts and comment will be helpful nevertheless. I mean neither to endorse nor slam a job by mentioning it here.

Posted By: Name English Kindergarten

A group of kindergartens in XXXX need teachers. Starting as soon as possible (why so soon? Did many teachers leave all at once?). Good, caring company. This position entails teaching English and other kindergarten subjects (I’d want to know what other subjects and what the English:other subject ratio is) to local children and sometimes international children, helping to decorate classrooms, administrative duties (specifically?) and participation in special activities (how often, when and what do you do?) and help with the care of the children (kindergarten internationally can be quite young…so what does this involve?).
Salary XXX per month plus free furnished shared apartment (or XXXX housing allowance(it’s good that they specify what the housing allowance is)) with one or two other teachers. Part-time available for XXXX. Working hours for full-time teachers Monday to Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm (keep in mind this is a LONG time to spend with kindergarteners – could some of the admin be done in this time or is that extra?) plus some (how many?) Sat for special activities etc. For part-time teachers 8:30-1:00pm, plus some Sat for special activities.
Other benefits (for full time):
Return air ticket refunded after completion of two-year contract to home country (this is a long contract and it almost sounds as if they count on people leaving so they won’t have to pay for the ticket, however…)
Private Medical coverage
Full visa sponsorship
For part-time and fulltime
All school holidays fully paid (about 6-8 weeks per year) (…this seems a good benefit and could explain why they want someone to commit to two years)
One day paid sick leave per month
If you would like to apply please email your CV, certificates (they mention this vaguely here but not in the requirements section: do they really want you to have one or is it not really important?) and a brief letter explaining why you want to work for the kindergarten and what skills and talents you can offer!
University degree (any subject)
reference letter of past teaching experience (it’s good that they as for this)
Love children (I suppose you’d better if you’re going to spend eight and a half hours a day with them)
Enthusiastic, kind and reliable
Creative and caring
Adaptable (all reasonable requests for a teacher of young children…but of course I’m wondering “what will the person have to adapt to?”)
Send to XXXX@email or fax to XXXX