Online Resource: Find A TEFL Job With ESL Job Feed

If you’re looking for a TEFL job, check out the teacher’s section of ESL Job Feed, a useful source of international English teaching jobs. The first thing that strikes me is an organizational or aesthetic one: the headlines look nice. You can scan through them and usually see the location immediately, but they are not cluttered up with the exclamation points and the quips to catch your eye that sometimes characterize other boards. On some days you can see as many as ten new jobs, and you have the option of looking through them all together or by region.

There are lots of job sites though; what makes this one unique? Aside from the manageable format, if you have a TEFL site or blog, you can add ESL Job Feed to it, so your readers have easy daily access to job listings from around the world from a variety of sources. You can also choose if you’d prefer the RSS feed to be published with ESL Job Feed branding and a link back to that site, or without reference to that site at all – they only ask that you let them know via email so you can be added to their list of publishers.

Of course, as with any job site, the job ads themselves are generally put out by schools or employers; ESL Job Feed doesn’t have the resources to check out these jobs, nor, I expect, will any online job site (and I would be skeptical if one said it did). Use ESL Job Feed as a starting point and investigate jobs on your own further – for some advice on how to start, check out the TEFL Logue’s questions to ask at an interview as well as thoughts on a job post, both in the TEFL Logue Finding A Job section.