Spotlight On Egypt

Are you a taken with pyramids, bustling markets, heiroglyphics and Cleopatra? Culturally considered part of the Middle East, geographically part of Africa, Egypt seems the obvious and I have to say that hot weather doesn’t hurt either (from here anyway).

According to Dave’s ESL Café Egypt board, Egypt is a good place for a new or MA-less teacher to find work – in contrast to many Middle Eastern countries where a Master’s degree and/or several years experience are often required. Also in contrast to other parts of the middle east…salaries are more likely to allow subsistence as opposed to savings.

At the moment, job posts for Egypt do not seem to abound, though following one job ad at Dave’s ESL Cafe for Morocco led to an organization called AMIDEAST. There weren’t any Egypt jobs posted for this organization, and in fact I couldn’t find a part of the site for English teaching jobs, but if you’re interested in North Africa or the Middle East, this may be one to investigate for something a little different than your average language school.

To get your fill of travel stories, go no further than Bootsnall, where you can find one by Gregory Rodgers, who found out why you shouldn’t pose for a photo on a camel; there’s also Justine Merril’s tale of a chaotic taxi ride (but aren’t they all she asks) and Jason Gaskell’s take on Egyptian hospitality and the benefits of independent travel.