Spotlight On Italy

mh_tuscan-villa-guard.jpgIt’s hard to imagine a country that outdoes Italy when it comes to the beautiful language, the “old world with modern convenience” atmosphere in cities, the wine, and yes, the Italian men too. When Jessica of the Bootsnall’s Italy travel resource – the Italy Logue – recently pointed me to a list of TEFL resources in Italy, it was clearly time to post on working in Italy.

The sad news for those from outside the EU is – much like in Spain and the UK – it is exceedingly difficult to find legal work teaching English, so you may have to live vicariously through the experience of your British counterparts. Or marry an Italian citizen.

The author of An ELT Notebook, Sue Swift, did an interview for ESL Teacher Talk back in November about working in Italy. You can also read some tips from ESL Base’s Italy guide, which is one click away from a list of schools (and their websites) in Italy. Bootsnall’s own Italy resource, the Italy Logue, has sections on expat resources as well as expat roadblocks.

Finally, it’s not TEFL, but it is Italy. Bootsnall member and Lonely Planet author Leif Pettersen has a number of blog posts about his experiences as a travel writer updating the Italy section of Lonely Planet (start in May for Italy).