TEFL Mystery #1: Food Coupons

Payday is always a happy day at the TEFL Logue! But something weird happened this past payday: I got an envelope with some coupons in it, for food. What’s that about?

Is the TEFL Logue receiveing food stamps? I don’t think so, at least I hope not.

At any rate, I can use said coupons at any venue around town displaying a certain logo, and I have until the end of the calendar year.

It’s hard to complain about free food. I like to eat AND I like free things. No problem there.

But I’ve noticed food or meal coupons offered as an incentive in more than one job ad. I suppose I just wonder what the appeal is and why employers don’t just pay a little extra in cash. Perhaps they have some special agreement with the food coupon makers?

My question to TEFL Logue readers is: Would the offer of food coupons make you more likely to apply for a job? Cast your vote here: