Thoughts On A Job Post #10

I’ve omitted details so that this ad is not immediately identifiable. The purpose of this is to share the thoughts of an experienced teacher (me) – who’s found her own jobs before – on a random job ad. Of course you should investigate any opportunity you’re interested in thoroughly yourself – my comments and opinions are just that: comments and opinions! Note that I got ahead of myself and already posted Thoughts On A Job Post #11, so check that out too.

Kindergarten English Teacher
Qulifications required: NONE, experience with children preferrable but not necessary. Personality most important factor [Well, it’s a little startling to see “none” first and in all caps, though given the nature of the work, this does not strike me as unfair. I spotted a typo too.]
Salary TBD: $650-950/Month [I don’t know that this is excellent but it is probably in line with what most EFL jobs pay. But see my comments below on accommodation.]
Passport requirements: NONE, only that you are a native speaker of the local language [oops! I think they mean English].

We are a local kindergarten and require native English speakers to be in the classroom assisting on a full-time or part-time basis. [what is the difference in concrete terms?] No experience is required as you will follow the pre-established patterns of the kindergarten’s English program. [I’d ask for what this entails – it sounds like you are assisting a teacher, which would presumably be straightforward.]

The job is for people who love children. It is fun, exciting and rewarding. At times its exhausting and there is no room for a bad attitude. [This is probably a very honest assessment of work with kindergarten children – they get points for this.] You will have a secure workplace full of positive honest people and plenty of money. [hmmm…] Your own personal creativity will be highly valued. Personality is valued more than experience, although experience is preferred. [This all sounds nice.]

It will be paid in local currency. It will allow you to live quite luxuriously in the capital, making 50-100% more than the average local. The cost of living in this city is very low compared to other European cities. [I suppose I’m a skeptic but the claim of “luxury” made me visit the relevant Craigslist and given what I see regarding rents – and what I’ve heard – I think this claim is misleading. I must say that while the job sounds reasonable and the pay is probably not that far off the average EFL pay, it would concern me that they present it as allowing you to live luxuriously – and this is why it pays to do your own research.]

You will be in the kindergarten from 9:00am-1.30pm, Monday to Friday. Every day you will deliver a 20-40 minute lesson. The rest of the time you will assist in the daily activities and speaking/playing with the children. [If you like kids, this sounds relatively low-prep; I’d want to know if teachers are expected to lead activities/come up with crafts, etc. or just join in.]

If you would like, you may eat our provided breakfast and lunch with the children. This also allows you a break. This is free to you.
Breakfast: 9:00-9:30
Lunch: 12:30-1:00 [Hard to go wrong with free food, and it’s nice of them to point out that it wouldn’t mean tacking on extra cafeteria duties or something.]

There is none provided but we will assist you in finding an appropriate apartment for you. There is a lot of accomodation available so there are many types of living arrangements to choose from. [It’s good to have assistance and will likely help you get a better deal; given what I see at Craigslist though, you would quite possibly need to spend near half of your income to get your own place. They may consider renting a room in someone’s home a part of the range of accommodation, and in that case you’d have more left over after paying your rent – but if you opt for your own place they can say it was your choice and you had a cheaper option.]

All public holidays are paid. You will also have one week vacation between Christmas and New Years. Time off is not available unless the circumstances are exceptional. [Sure, it’s a bummer not to have holiday time but this is really not that rare anymore; in fact I’d want to check the opposite – that you have guaranteed work throughout the rest of the year.]

You will also have a lot of time for this as you may need only work mornings. [“may”? The hours above were 9-1:30…are there other possibilities?] Some teachers choose to work in one of the dozens of language schools in the afternoons but it is not necessary as the salary will provide you with enough money to live comfortably. [If you really are just assisting and not preparing lessons, the schedule is in fact not bad at all. I suppose I’m a bit stumped though as to why some teachers seek out extra school work if the pay is enough.]

This is a modern city with every comfort you are used to at home [and this is why it’s not cheap]. Young people (under 30 years old) know English very well so communication and adaptation should not be too difficult…the city’s location makes travel easy. [obviously these are usually advantages]

Please send your resume attention to…all applicants must include a photo. [I’m not crazy about picture-sending, but it’s also not uncommon – and the reality is that even if you don’t send a picture in your own country, they see you at the interview before they hire you anyhow.]