Thoughts On A Job Post, 8

I found something similar to the following info some time ago and could hardly believe my eyes. I don’t really understand how or why things like this even get off the ground…but they do. I have done my best to make the text unidentifiable and as usual have included some comments; find posts 1 – 7 in the Finding A Job Table of Contents.

Online teachers
All the tools you need to teach students from your computer.

Teach English online to students in any country, at any time (well, when the students want to meet I suspect…) We are a professionally built, designed and managed Online Teaching and Training organization fully dedicated to improving English language training around the world.

Our system is set up so that you do not need any books, pencils, or erasers. (erasers?) Students have access to all educational material online. You simply assign them a chapter, they read 3 long passages, listen to 4 long lectures, and then they take a reading, listening, speaking and writing test all online. You would then review their test results and mistakes with them online through Skype, MSN Messenger, the telephone… for two hours a day (does this mean two hours with one student? Or does it mean you can work a maximum of two hours a day?). Since the TOEFL test is a University entrance exam, most of your students would have higher level English skills (there hasn’t been any mention of TOEFL up to now, so it’s not clear to me what the TOEFL test has to do with your students, or why you can assume they have a high level of English). You can also recruit your own students, and teach them however you like; we would just offer you the teaching material (you “can” recruit your own students..or you have to?). We also have positions open for editors and test creators (maybe I’m cynical but I just find this hard to believe).

Our system includes:
Over 20 weeks of teaching material online
A database of over 10,000 students and teachers (aha – this sounds like something you have to actually pay to access??)

A teacher showcase of videos and audio (not clear what this is – after looking at the website: students can supposedly choose their online teacher by looking through photos)
24 hour server support
A staff fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish to translate (if your students are higher level, why do you need translators?)
Over 15 years experience in the English Language teaching field
To get started click below (aha.) (site features registration, pictures and profiles of teachers; they say you get a free site and free listing if you teach English. The sample vocabulary word? “Crow”: noun, verb, a big black bird that makes a loud noise. And then this: “first requires that a student have a concrete, fundamental understanding of the English language. Then later: We are able to take any student, no matter their English level, and fit them into the program that is right for them.”)

(not here: does the teacher need any qualifications or experience?)