Thoughts On A Job Post – Installment 6

Once again, I’ve added my thoughts to a job post – I certainly can’t confirm that this is a good or bad job, but my comments might give some direction to jobhunters in general. Note that this job requires an advanced degree; I do of course realize that most people eligible to apply will be experienced teachers and will not really need the TEFL Logue’s advice. Still, I feel this is useful for comparison purposes.

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Position: Full-time English Instructor (annually renewable) [compared to some other headlines, this looks quite professional and reasonable. Good sign]

Position: Full-time English Instructor (annually renewable) [the emphasis is on returning, not just finishing a year]
In response to the continuing success of its expanding programs, … is planning to create one additional full-time English instructor position. We are looking for a dedicated and responsible, native English-speaking instructor who can start teaching our non-credit English Conversation/Composition/EAP/ESP classes in either July 2007 or September 2007.

This most prestigious university boasts a spacious campus comfortably surrounded by scenic mountains and outstanding academic atmosphere. Come join us now! [note the good English in this post so far; this is a good sign, not only that they take the care to present the position professionally, but that someone with a high level of English will likely be around.]
A MA/M.Sc./M.Ed. degree from an English-speaking country, with preference given to: (1) English Education (TESOL)/Linguistics/Literature majors; (2) Natural Science/Engineering/Business/Law majors with EFL related credentials and experience. We are interested in an instructor who can help us to continue advancing our popular core conversation classes as well as a candidate who could assist with the workshop and consultation services [workshops, okay, but what are these?] that we provide to our various professional and academic communities. In addition, previous teaching experience at the university level or experience with academic editorial work is highly desirable. A BA degree holder is required to have over three years of teaching experience at a university. [so it does require quite a high qualification or a good deal of similar experience…but given the good salary, benefits, and work environment, this shouldn’t be a surprise]

A minimum of 16 hours of teaching per week [given what I know about this field, this could be the actual number of contact hours…but it would be worth finding out the maximum] as well as extra work related to the classes [understandable if it is planning, but I’d want a better description of what this covers].
The monthly salary is about 2,400 USD for a BA holder and about 2,600 USD for an MA holder. You will be paid separately for additional/extra teaching/work [it is a good sign that they specify this – though I’d still want to claify what is considered extra]. Upon the completion of the contract, severance pay equivalent to one average month¡¯s income is also made. [quite standard]
You will be provided with either a rent-free, minimally furnished [this can be good; you aren’t stuck with someone’s antiques, but does it include a bed?], one- or two-bedroom Faculty Apartment close to the campus or housing support in a certain amount [how much?] each month.
You will have an annual total of 14 weeks paid vacation. [not too shabby!]
– You will be paid the amount of about 1000 USD for one round-trip airfare at the end of the contract.
– You may take courses in the University’s Local Language Program free of charge, provided that your attendance does not interfere with your duties in the English Conversation program. [this is a nice benefit. If you would want to take advantage of it, it would be worth checking if times are compatible.]

Please submit these documents by regular mail (not e-mail):
…standard documents, cut to save space…
The application deadline is February 28 (Wednesday), 2007. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. XYZ at email@dotcom. FYI, we must receive all the application materials via surface or express mail; neither e-mail nor fax is available. [a little unusual for EFL but fair enough; possibly done to decrease the number of applications and weed out applicants who won’t go to the trouble to send things by regular mail.]