Thoughts On A Job Post: Part 1

Many potential EFL teachers wonder: how can I tell if a posted job is any good or not? The answer is: it’s hard.

The idea here is for me to choose a posted EFL job ad more or less randomly, remove identifying details, and include my thoughts on it in the text.

Big disclaimer coming: I’m an experienced EFL teacher who has found jobs independently before, mainly in Eastern Europe. This makes me knowledgeable but not by any means infallible or an expert. Hopefully my thoughts and comment will be helpful nevertheless. I mean neither to endorse nor slam a job by mentioning it here.

MOST OF TITLE IN ALL CAPS(And with exclamation marks!!!) *something about titles in all caps just puts me off*
We are looking for 4 new teachers the month of March*okay, this sentence isn’t really correct, but most of the ad is okay. Also note it is a school and not a recruiter posting the add, or so it seems, which is good in my book*. If you love kids *hmm, “love kids”?* and are a great teacher, please read on.

The X School is located 3 minutes from Y in the affluent suburb of Z. Preschool and Kindergarten classes are taught in the mornings and elementary school students are taught in the afternoons.*with this many hours (see below) will you be able to use any lesson plans twice?* Each class is approximately 35-40 minutes long. There are two programs for the afternoon program (Returnee and ESL). There are no weekend classes. *that’s good – it would seem you get two consecutive days off*

We have a competent staff of Directors and TA’s *well, you can’t confirm this from an ad or even phone interview, but it’s good that they point it out, and “directorS” is good because it means you won’t be without if the sole director quits* that speak English fluently. A real fulltime “chef” that makes food better than any other schools hands down. *that’s nice but kinda irrelavent. Maybe here to set this ad apart. I do wonder why chef is in quotes.*
We are probably the only area with 3 E-marts within a 15 km radius. That shows how much the area has grown and is continuing to grow. All the places to make your life easier are very closeby! (shopping, food, movies, bus stop, subway) *I kind of laugh to read this, who needs three E-marts?, but it is good to know you are in an urban environment and not the sticks*Minimum Job Requirement:
– 4 yr. B.Ed, B.A., or B.S. / prefer B. Ed. or English from a 4 year university in the U.S. or Canada.
– Korean Americans / Korean Canadians must have no Korean accent when speaking English. *I’m not a Korean American but I’d find this kind of offensive. As if someone’s accent is what makes them a good teacher. I suppose it could be interpreted in a positive light: they are at least open to the possibility of a teacher who is – gasp – not a blond, blue-eyed model*
Teaching Hours:
Schedule 1
9:50 – 2:00, 3:00 – 6:00 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
9:50 – 2:00, 3:00 – 4:30 (Tuesday, Thursday)
2:00 – 3:00 (Monday – Friday) “Daily Preparation Time” *given the hours I’ve seen advertised in Korea, these don’t seem too terrible. It’s good that they specify them even though it would be hard to ensure this would always be followed*A complementary “chef” prepared Korean lunch is provided daily.
We are also looking for teachers to work part-time in the afternoons from 3pm to 6pm. This is a permanent position. Salary is negotiable.
Salary / benefits with a 1 year contract:
– A starting salary of 2.2 million Won – 3.0 million Won per month
(Negotiable depending on teaching experience and qualifications)
– A furnished studio-type apartment (single)
– 50/50 medical insurance *this seems normal for Korea*
– Round-trip airfare from point of origin or a visa trip to Japan *also seems somewhat standard but nice*– Airport pickup
– Visa Sponsorship
– One month base salary bonus at the end of a one year contract
– 10 days paid vacation (summer / winter)
To apply, send your resume, a scanned copy of your passport information page, a recent self-picture*because the one in the passport isn’t enough? I don’t like this requirement, but it’s hardly unique to this ad*, and a scanned copy of your degree along with any credentials and or reference letters to X.