Thoughts On A Job Post Part 2

As in Part 1, I’ve more or less randomly chosen a posted EFL job ad, removed identifying details, and included my thoughts on it in the text.

Big disclaimer coming once again: I’m an experienced EFL teacher who has found jobs independently before, mainly in Eastern Europe. This makes me knowledgeable but not by any means infallible or an expert. Hopefully my thoughts and comment will be helpful nevertheless. I mean neither to endorse nor slam a job by mentioning it here.

Native Teachers Needed

The ?? Institute of English is currently looking for teachers for some of our branches. We are looking for full or part-time *this could mean few hours at odd times* native speakers of English. Ideally, applicants would currently be living in country or would be planning on relocating here very soon*this could be explainable, but I wonder why they need multiple teachers in a hurry – did lots of people quit?*.
Our teaching conditions are as follows:

1 year contract
??? monthly wage
??? food allowance *I never really understand why schools do this and don’t just include the equivalent of a few extra euros or dollars in the total pay – it’s nice though I suppose*
1 month contract completion bonus
1 month’s holiday allowed (paid as bonus) *it’s not 100% clear to me that this is different from the bonus – but it seems to mean you can’t just take a month off in the middle of your contract. Still, in many countries, it’s a nice benefit to get a bonus or holiday time at all*
Public holidays paid
1 day off each week *teaching six days a week…the hours might not be so many but kind of a bummer to have work obligations six days a week*
Half of all visa costs paid
The one major requirement we have is that applicants are either well qualified or experienced. Our students are professional adults and often academics themselves and we therefore require teachers that are serious about doing a good job and want to be respected for classroom skills and subject knowledge. *fair enough, though it would be nice to spell out what they want in detail. Though just the fact that they say it does let potential applicants know that they are serious.*

Overall, it doesn’t look bad. I’d ask about the points I’ve noted, but it doesn’t seem too bad for what’s on offer.