Use To Help Find A Good TEFL Job has an neat feature that TEFL jobseekers would do well to check out and utilize on a wider scale.

First of all, there is the Worldwide Job Board: this contains jobs ads but in the form of a message board. The employer posts the ad and readers or potential applicants are free to ask questions, simply posting them as replies. Accordingly, the employer can post replies, so the dialog goes on in a public forum. There are quite a lot of jobs posted here, many of which are waiting for questions. When there is a question, the post migrates to the ESL Job Talk forum.

The Job Information Journal, which contains posts by forum members on topics like scam warnings or other experiences or advice, is also not to be missed.

There is a thread which starts with the (generally negative) experience of one teacher with a large well known language school in Madrid. It goes on to include the comments of other teachers, one who more or less agree about the downsides but clarifies the bigger picture, and another who comments on the state of other language schools in the city. The school in question has posted a reply as well. I would actually consider this thread recommended reading for those interested in getting a closer look at the trickier aspects of language schools and contracts. I think it’s fair to say that little falls neatly into the categories of “good” and “evil” …and I think this thread provides insight into the complexity of the situation. There’s also a thread called “how to recognize a scam” that is worth checking out.

While these forums exist as part of an effort to root out good jobs from bad, of course points out that the site does not and could not vouch for particular employers or jobs. This means you should always do your own research and not rely solely on one site or resource. But sites like these are excellent starting points and I imagine sometimes challenging to operate – kudos to for doing it well.