What A Business Degree Did For Tedkarma In TEFL

Tedkarma, experienced EFL teacher, teacher trainer and TEFL Daddy site founder, is back with some more advice for the TEFL Logue, this time not only on where you might fit best in TEFL, but on how and why to apply your qualifications and experience in business to TEFL. He is perhaps especially qualified to speak on this topic, with not only an MEd., but – who knew?! – an MBA as well.

In Ted’s own words…

Lots of people think about getting into TEFL for a year or two but are a bit reluctant because they have no previous experience. Think you have no previous TEFL experience? Yes you do! One thing many don’t know is that there is a great need for specialists in EFL. How can you be a specialist if you don’t have any previous experience? Here the surprise: most people have loads of experience that they can apply to EFL to help them find better than just entry-level jobs or at least some of the better entry-level jobs.

Here’s what my previous business experience and an MBA – along with my TEFL training/education – did for me:

I taught two years for the Korea Foreign Trade Association in Pusan. A year for Standard Chartered Bank and Roche Pharmaceuticals in Taiwan. I wrote executive book summaries for several years for a business publisher in Saudi Arabia and taught at a hotel and tourism industry college in Thailand. All these jobs involved teaching English – but some also allowed me to teach just straight business skills in English.

All the classes were enjoyable and I shared a special rapport with the students as I usually had knowledge and understanding of their business that other EFL teachers did not. The students knew that and appreciated the difference. I taught some accountants in Bangkok for a while; most people would think them a boring group, but we got along great. I knew their business and how to spark their interests.

Read on to find out what a business degree can do for you.