Complete The King Wrong Comic At Grammarman

templatepics.gifYou might remember the Grammarman Webquest, where Grammarman fans – generally English language learners but hey, why not teachers too – were given the challenge of creating an original comic from scratch, with guidance and resources provided and the best entries received at the site published online. The current challenge is to complete a Grammarman comic with dialog and colors. Download and print the comic template, do your creative stuff (better yet, get your students to do theirs), scan the results and send them back to If I can sort out a working printer, and come up with something clever to say (I’m not sure which will be the greater challenge) I might just give it a go – so check back here soon for my dialog and check back at to see what others have come up with.

Grammarman’s villain in this case is an antagonistic primate called King Wrong; I saw this latest challenge only a few days after hearing about the case of Bokito in the Netherlands– and as such started wondering: coincidence or something more? Is Grammarman about to start keeping pace with current events? Only time will tell.