Read And Comment On Student Comics: A Grammarman Webquest Update

iconwindy.gifHas anyone seen the pumpkin-headed villain lately? Or the cockroach who wants to dance like Michael Jackson? I have, and it’s because the student comic gallery at Grammarmancomic has just been updated with no less than TEN new student comics, all created as part of the Grammarman Webquest activity.

You can see how Miss Lipstick and Miss Eyeshadow attempt to take over the world – and the surprising way they are stopped in their tracks. Don’t stop before you read about two brothers, who, following a possible inheritance, experience just a tad of sibling rivalry …or more. You also have Mr. Much and Miss Many: someone receives a mysterious drink and chaos ensues. There are a range of comics here, with diverse storylines and appealing artwork. And is it possible that the English teacher featured in one comic – who wears an “I (heart) idioms” T-shirt and refers to his students as “classi-roos” – is based on a certain Grammarman creator?*

You’ll also notice that many of the comics have received comments from readers. Why not take this opportunity to leave a comment on a few of your favorite comics – or give your students ten minutes in the computer lab to check out these other student comics and leave comments with feedback on those they enjoy. It could be a good introduction to starting a Webquest with you own students!

*I highly doubt it but you never know, right?