Ripped From The Headlines: Good Adult Discipline Strategies?

Some time ago, I lamented the fact that disciplining adult students can be a challenge. Recently though I’ve found two innovative ways of “punishing” adults: police officers who broke rules in Thailand were ordered to wear Hello Kitty armbands…and then there is this:

That is inmates in a Philippine prison dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. So bizarre for so many reasons, and yet I watched it all the way through. Twice.

Hey, if these strategies are used for police and prisoners both, why not EFL students? I can imagine a few past groups of mine who could probably give those prisoners a run for their money. I also sought out an accompanying article, and not surprisingly, the prisoners were not gung-ho from the start: some threw slippers at the choreographer at first.

Granted, those in charge at prisons probably have a little more authority than your average English teacher. But still – I’m sure I could learn something from whoever convinced a couple hundred hardened criminals to dance like boy band singers!