TEFL Logue Review: An ELT Notebook

There is a celebration today at ELT Notebook, with virtual champagne on offer!

I think I happened upon the site when its main author Sue left a content-rich comment or two on the TEFL Logue. An ELT Notebook differs from many EFL blogs in the sense that it is not a day to day account of Sue’s teaching, but rather a place to share the collective expertise of Sue and a number of other ELT professionals. Sue has over 20 years experience in the ELT industry and also holds both a DELTA and an MA Applied Linguistics.

Sure, the TEFL Logue has practical examples of classroom activities (which are in fact pretty useful if I don’t say so myself) – but Sue’s background and qualifications allow her to go beyond merely outlining activities to providing in-depth detail on methodology; at ELT Notebook you can read about Community Language Learning, Using L1 in the EFL classroom, and Using NLP in ELT (that’s Neuro Linguistic Programming for all who missed the last class)…from someone who really knows. I found a number of posts in the classroom management section handy because they are based not only on Sue’s advanced theoretical background but also on her practical experience in Asia and Europe.

Sue has access to a number of talented guest authors who each make an individual post about their respective areas of expertise: teaching young learners, using graded readers, and so on.

Finally, do have look around the Another Day In The Life Of…section; here there are first-hand accounts from teachings in a number of countries and situations so you can get an idea of what’s “out there.”

Sue is one busy woman: she runs a language school in Italy, writes for ELT Notebook and has most recently contributed to the ESL section of the new site Rat Race Rebellion, but she still found the time to do a TEFL Logue interview (providing the insight of a school owner) and to share her thoughts in the form of comments at the TEFL Logue.

A big “grazie” to Sue and a congratulations on her 100th post. Keep up the good work!