The TEFL Logue’s Thoughts Featured At EFL Geek

I’m happy to report that EFL Geek gave me the honor of being a guest author on his blog. Well, okay – I actually got the idea because he offered the opportunity to any reader of his who has something to say that’s on topic and within reason. I simply registered for his site, filled out the guest author form, and my post went into the moderation queue for his approval.

I have to say his site is quite user-friendly as well. I let him know that as far as bloggers go, I probably represent that “least common denominator” people talk about when they simplify things so as not to leave us slow ones behind. No problems for me at EFL Geek’s.

My post was about one to one lessons – what I think is challenging about them and why I like them nonetheless. I’ve asked his readers what they think about one to ones both from a personal standpoint and also a professional/academic one, so if any of my readers have thoughts on that head on over to EFL Geek and let me know there.