Video Games In The Classroom?

2007_01_11t061845_450x300_us_videogames_schools1.jpgThe gist of this article – Give A Child A Video Game – And Maybe A Job – is that video games and “fun” technology are useful because they help prepare kids for the workplace where technology is becoming increasingly important. The point is also made that these activities are engaging for kids and relevant to their lives.

First off, I’m not sure I’m convinced that the US is lagging behind specifically on this technology angle. Do US kids really have less access to technology in school than Chinese and Indian kids across the board? There are definitely discrepancies in education within the US and there are arguments which may be valid that education isn’t up to par…but I’m not sure I’m convinced that the US lags behind in technology.

It is, however, interesting to note the acknowledgment of the link between being engaged and learning. While it may seem obvious, I think it’s an aspect of EFL that many teachers with a different style look down on – learning a language is about more than being entertained, of course, but as a teacher who goes to a lot of trouble to make lessons interesting, it is good to hear this idea acknowledged.