Around The Web On TEFL: August 12

  • Courtesy of the Bootsnall Italy Logue, a link to a blog post with a variety of TEFL resources, including several specific to Italy.
  • From Education Week, a link to a study on what it would take – in dollars and teaching time – for legal permanent US residents to learn English to pass the US “naturalization” test or start post-secondary education.
  • Some Anglophones find a bone to pick with the usual suspect in linguistic debates: France. From the Education Guardian. (Just kidding! Everyone likes to argue with France, right?)
  • And there’s more, thanks to TEFLtastic for the link.
  • Not quite ESL, but perhaps a job to consider post-TEFL for those who pick up a good deal of their host country’s local language.
  • A new plan in Australia could lead to additional language aid for refugees.
  • A full house is the norm in Washington state ESL classes.
  • Revel in some “lost words” in English, including a list of “ q not followed by u” words and a ranking of swear words by severity.
  • English for pharmaceutical purposes, anyone?