Around The Web On TEFL: August 17

  • Can your students not draw to save their lives, and are you teaching furniture and prepositions of place? Check out Larry Ferlazzo’s Blog with a link to Create a Flooplan. This is just one activity, but Larry finds an astounding number of fun online stuff with EFL uses and posts nearly every day.
  • See how some US students are increasing their foreign language conversation time with Skype
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  • Jeju Island in Korea might just become the Mecca of English language education with a plan to build 12 schools inside a 4.26 million square meter English language village.
  • The International Herald Tribune examines some problems with English language instruction in the Philippines.
  • The state of Tamil Nadu in southern India warms up to English language.

  • Step into the shoes of some ESL learners in a very diverse school in North Carolina.