Around The Web On TEFL: July 12

  • One writer in Wisconsin who was a student in Korea struggles to remember Korean after leaving the country, and produces a unique journal in the process: have a look.
  • Starting soon, US children will have a chance to learn Hindi in New Jersey and Chinese in Kansas.
  • The Philippines considers how best to deal with the “educational tourism” from Asia which it receives, as university-aged students come for ESL classes as part of tours or to enroll in universities.
  • From, read about Rwanda’s issues with language – specifically a disproportionate emphasis on French and English when only about 5% of the population speak each fluently.
  • More for the concept than the text, check out an article about a teacher writing a novel for English language learners. At last check, Tron and Amira were stuck in an elevator…hmm…hey, they are with other people! (I’m making a joke but I think a novel an interesting idea.)

  • See what’s going on with one international school teacher in Kuwait, who is experiencing “visa problems” (in fact she is not being allowed to leave the country) because she followed school policy and gave a detention to a student over a year ago. Thanks to EFL Geek for this story.