Bootsnall Treasure Hunt Contest

mainprize021.jpgDo you love a good competition? Have you stopped deriving joy from beating your students in English grammar games? If so, the Bootsnall Treasure Hunt may be just the ticket for you…especially if you wouldn’t mind winning $2000 towards a round-the-world ticket. And if you’re not fast enough to win that, you may be able to score $250 in hostel vouchers or a place on an adventure trip to Turkey.

If you’re thinking these prizes are not too shabby and you’re up for a competition, have a look at the Bootsnall Treasure Hunt page. The competition started May 1 – you’re late! But don’t worry, you can catch up. The contest started with one clue – about the Bootsnall page where they could find the first day’s “treasure” – emailed out to all registered players. When they arrived at the correct webpage at Bootsnall, there was a collection of letters waiting, as well as a clue about the page on which the next day’s letters and clue would appear. You can see an example of a clue here, for Day 2 (Ha! That’s right, it’s right here at the TEFL Logue, just scroll down!). At a certain pre-arranged time, the new collection of letters and a clue go up, and at the end of the week, players have a whole jumble of letters from which they need to form … something…and then race to submit it. THIS is where speed and mental agility come in – the first five players to submit a correct answer win prizes. And at the end of the month – that’s May 30 – the bigger prizes are on offer.

Don’t rely solely on me for the rules though – I can’t play and am a little jealous, so don’t trust me too much to put you on the right path! Do have a look at how to play, the rules, and also all the great prizes you can win. Note that while you can start late, you do still have to find all the clues and letters and submit answers for the weeks you’ve missed. If you get started now, you have the weekend to catch up and you can be in the running on Monday morning. Sretno! (This is my own clue for you to figure out…)