Campaign For TEFL President Takes A Surprising Turn

As you are probably well aware, two well-known TEFL bloggers are neck in neck in the race for TEFL President: Alex Case of TEFLtastic (find his platform here at the TEFL Logue) and Sandy of TEFLtrade. I secretly made Sandy a deal: let me post his manifesto here and I would defect from my support to Alex. What did he do?
He posted it on his own blog! Well, he claims the manifesto is still on the way, but he did pick out an election team.

This convinced me that I should come clean with what I know about the candidates. Specifically, all the dirt I have on Sandy. It’s only fair to gang up on one candidate – we all know that’s how these things go.

So here it is: If you search through Dave’s family photos which are now prominently displayed on the ESL café home page, you will come across a few interesting photos.

No, not those kinds of photos, but photos revealing that Sandy and Dave are friends. You thought Dave was in Asia and Sandy the Middle East somewhere? Think again…Dave and Sandy and their wives play bridge together every Thursday. Sandy’s swipes at Dave are actually an agreed-upon “there’s no such thing as bad press” strategy. For anyone who has ever visited TEFLtrade, every subsequent click on any ESL Café ad nets Sandy 3.5 cents.

Okay, so none of that is true, but here’s what’s important: Sandy’s got a poll up on his site where you can vote. I highly suspect it is rigged, as I know nothing about cheating and have already voted more than once.

I can also make more polls with the addition of new candidates. So if you’ve been thinking about making a difference in the TEFL world, why not throw your hat in and send me your manifesto? You can get your students to do it for you, if you think they know enough about the TEFL world to write a good one (that depends on how much you’ve told them!), or you can see my When I’m A TEFL Billionaire post at TEFLtastic for inspiration. This will also orient you as to what to say in order to become my favorite candidate.

When is election day? Whenever I say so!