Dear TEFL Logue Readers,

flamingapple499x333.jpgYou might have noticed that, instead of three TEFL Logue posts a day, there is now one (if you’re lucky!). Rest assured that, as I pointed out in a comment here, I have not had a lobotomy or anything. I have not run out of ideas. I have not had any crisis or anything like that.

Well, that’s not completely true. The other day the adapter on my laptop cord did actually start smoking because some electrical work was going on outside the sole wifi café in town. Fortunately my laptop was saved from any permanent damage (as far as I know, anyway) thanks to an on-the-ball waiter who lunged over a couch to rip the cord from the wall. You don’t get that kind of customer service anywhere! Also fortunately, the adapter was fairly easy to replace, though it did cost the equivalent of about fifty cups of coffee. Ouch. I’m hoping for some kind of lifetime discount (talk about being in seventh heaven – free coffee for as long as I’m in town), but it has not been my experience that things work that way in this part of the world

Incidentally, I do not blame anyone at the café itself – most responsible in my eyes is a certain international organization and the former political leadership of what is now more or less a neighboring country…for not managing to sort out electricity over the last handful of years.

In any case, my schedule and location have been a-changing, and things are likely to settle down come November or so. Please do keep reading and commenting, and to all those whose blogs I follow: I’ll be back in fine form and harassing you for interviews and guest posts in no time!

Your TEFL Loguer Katie