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ESL Carnival At Larry Ferlazzo’s Blog

TEFL Logue readers are no doubt familiar with Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day For ESL blog. Every day he adds a new link or set of links to neat different activities online that ESL learners can use; see my review of his blog here.

Now, Larry has come across a new theme: the ESL Carnival. This is a collection of links to posts on various blogs on the same topic – in this case the topic is of course ESL. You can see an example of one carnival here. All you need to do is send a link – to a recently written (or soon to be published) post connected to English language learning – to Larry before September 30. Reach him at MrFerlazzo at aol dot com.

As you can see from the example, the carnival does not simply re-publish your exact words, it includes a link with some kind of description or summary.

How does this help you? When you visit Larry’s ESL carnival post, you’ll get one post with a bunch of links to different current, relevant articles. If you submit a link to a post of your own, you’ll get some traffic. And Larry has proposed that if this goes well, it could become a monthly or quarterly event, hosted by a different blog each time.

Not a bad idea! I will spare readers my foray into food writing and come up with something genuinely related to English language learning for this.