Missing Traveler In Syria

Teaching EFL often leaves you in a position to travel independently for extended periods, or puts you near places which are not really part of the main tourist trail. Nicole Vienneau is not an EFL teacher but a traveler who has gone missing, last seen around Hama, Syria, around the end of March. Her family and friends are looking for her, both on the ground in Syria and from home (Canada). You can get the latest on the frequently updated blog here, which I found out about via Bootsnall.

I include this here for a couple of reasons: I think many EFL teachers can relate to others who take extended trips on their own – I know I can – and I also just think that people who travel and work abroad tend to know others who travel and work abroad and who might be in a position to offer insight or help.

Nicole’s family and friends are currently working on (and succeeding in) getting press coverage at home and from time to time have specific questions or requests which are featured on the blog.

So if you can help or know anyone who can, do get in touch with Nicole’s brother Matt via the blog.