TEFL Mystery #7: What’s Up With The TEFL Logue?

Some of my more intrepid readers might have noticed that for a few days now, I have been making one post per day instead of my usual three.
Have I…

a) broken my hands and been relegated to typing with my toes?
b) run out of ideas and opinions?
c) started writing for a new site?
d) not yet recovered from my nasty cold?
e) left my current location and internet connection to take part in a spy mission elsewhere abroad?

(I’ll give you answers to these questions at the end).

Here, I’ll just tell you that you can expect one post a day for a few more days. I’m very fortunate to have established contact with an excellent group of people, many of whom are more than happy to share their insight and experience in interviews, so over the next few days you’ll have a great opportunity to get a few non-Katie perspectives.

If that really won’t be enough, you can mosey on over to one or some of my favorite blogs to get your daily fix: the Daily Kimchi, ESL Pundit, the Business Travel Logue, An ELT Notebook, EFL Geek, Grammarman Comic, the ESL Base TEFL Blog, Tesall.com, Pigs In The Toilet or for new teachers, TEFLDaddy.

Time for the answers:

a) fortunately NO.
b) ha! My family and all the others I engage in debate would love that. No such luck.
c) well, yes, but that’s not the reason for my torpor here.
d) I’m happy to report, seven boxes of Kleenex later, I have recovered.
e) I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

All kidding aside, I’m just going through a busy phase right now, and will be back to posting madly soon. Thanks for reading.