The Daily Kimchi At A Crossroads: Vote To Make A Difference

As TEFL Logue readers should know, one of the EFL blogs I follow is the Daily Kimchi, the brainchild of Canadian Gdog who arrived in Seoul around this time last year to start teaching English. He updates nearly every day with posts about his teaching, Korean food, and other funny day to day events – like seeing a rat!

(I head over to the bike racks, and low and behold…what do I see hanging out on the grate below? A large rat enjoying its day! This plump thing was not scared at all…It did not even flinch at us. There must’ve been some kimchi down below because it was concentrating pretty hard. There was a food/garbage bin about 10 meters away, so no wonder this rat was so fat: see a picture here; note that there is video footage too)

I think he does have a nice writing voice and the posts routinely make me laugh out loud a little bit, which I hope does not make me seem too much like a crazy person.

The TEFL Logue has featured a review of the Daily Kimchi as well as an interview with Gdog himself. Sadly, the Daily Kimchi’s days may be numbered, at least in its current format, as Gdog will soon be moving into temporary housing for a week and then returning home.

I have a sense Gdog will keep blogging somehow, some way, and he is offering a poll on his site so you can tell air views on how he can best do that. The choices are:

  • Keep posting the rest of his Korea stories
  • Post about life back home (FOOD)
  • Turn into the ultimate teaching in Korea resource
  • Hold a blog contest to thank his readers
  • Start a new personal blog using WordPress
  • Post like he’s delusional and still in Korea
  • I need my fix, just keep posting!

Cast your vote here.
I wish I could close this with something in Korean, but unfortunately, I know none at all ( oh – except that my dog’s name (Kido) means “pray”…but that’s probably a bizarre closing line).

Gdog – whatever you end up choosing, you have a whole bunch of people who want updates from you in whatever form you provide them! Good luck and best wishes. The blog has been excellent.