Around The Web On TEFL (The Post Formerly Known As The Daily Dose)

I bet you thought I forgot. Nope. The idea is this: like any EFL teacher worth his or her salt, I’m going to raise your interest in the topic (timely news stories about EFL) and then help you help yourself seek this out.

As readers might have noticed, I do a fair amount of sleuthing and other investigative reporting to bring you the best here at the TEFL Logue. But the time has come to reveal my secret weapons for the Daily Dose: and Google News Alerts, in addition to general snooping around the web.

Don’t worry: I’ll continue to share with you those links I find most enlightening or otherwise engaging, but it’s going to happen a bit less often. Try to be strong and I hope these select links will see you through to the next Around The Web post: