Breaking News: The Latest Grammarman YouTube Video

We are interupting your regularly scheduled TEFL Logue posts to bring you the latest, brand spankin’ new Grammarman YouTube video. The TEFL Logue has connections and get this: you’ll see it here before you see it at

This one’s called The Interrupter and if you’ve ever had a student like this…you know the chaos that can ensue from someone regularly speaking out of turn. But how to solve this problem?

Tip 1: Play the YouTube video in class and see if your interrupter catches on! (If not, try leading questions like, “Does this character remind you of anyone you know in real life? What about in this class?”)*

Tip 2: Watch the video find out how you – like Grammarman and Alpha-bot – can stop an interrupter in his or her tracks using a secret weapon.

When you finish, head on over to Grammarman’s home, for some Valentine’s Day inspired romanitc puzzles and jokes.

*This is a joke.