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mexico-airlines-s.jpgIt’s that time of year when EFL teachers jaunt off to their new exotic location, or return to their previous one from a summer at home or away. If your school year starts in September and you don’t have tickets – get a move on!

Bootsnall, the “parent company” of the TEFL Logue, has some help. See the discount international airfare to find deals to your destination city, or use one of these links to the pages for some common EFL destinations:

EFL teachers sometimes find themselves in a situation which your average traveler does not: they may know that they will be coming home for Christmas, but not exactly when. Knowing that a one-way ticket is usually more than half the price of a return, I asked Mika from Bootsnall for some advice. What’s a teacher to do?

“Shop the prices & use a flight comparison tool. Usually tickets that are non-refundable and non-changeable are cheapest. If they’re “not changeable” usually you can still change it for a fee unless it’s super bottom-of-the-barrel. Change fees can vary from $50-200+ depending on lots of circumstances. Also, there may not be availability for when you want to change it to, and you could end up having to ditch the return portion of the original ticket if you can’t change it or can’t make the flight. If flexibility is a must, buy a ticket with a return when you’re sure you will be coming back [the end of the school year, not Christmas], and buy separate tickets for the in-between flights for holidays.”

You may have noticed that all of the ticket links so far feature flights originating in North America. If you are not lucky enough to be flying out of North America, don’t fear: there are cheap flights for you too originating in Europe. I’ve used this tool to check prices myself and it’s a good shortcut.

Bon voyage!