Daily Dose: Korea TEFL Blogs

myeung1.jpgKorea is one of the most popular TEFL destinations, and stories of all kinds abound. Get to the bottom of it by checking out some blogs of people who are or have been involved in TEFL in Korea.

  • Follow the teaching, travel, and day-to-day life of an American woman who moved to Korea in August 2005 to teach kindergarten-aged kids in Wandering Seoul.
  • Conor Purcell’s BootsnAll blog Seoul Man chronicles both the high and low points of his year teaching in Korea starting in 2002.
  • Esl-blog has a steady stream of short posts on teaching and other day-to-day life happenings in Korea as well as a number of useful links for teachers.
  • Gdimension, the site of a man who has taught English and has been living on Jeju Island in Korea since 1998, has a short section devoted to teaching posts as well beautiful photographs and sections on current affairs, local attraction, Korean culture, and travel.
  • Blogger and teacher Nathan no longer posts on Hi From Seoul, but there is plenty to read about from July 2004 to December 2005 as well as a link to his newer, more academically-centered blog.
  • A resource for people specifically interested in Korea as opposed to a blog, TEFLdaddy contains a guide to getting into TEFL, a number of useful links, a message board, and contact information for its founder who has extensive experience in TEFL.