Daily Dose: October 4

  • If you’re interested in the JET Program go here to read about the details for application and to find out the deadline (the application is a LONG one, so get moving!)
  • Meet the new Nintendo product which can be used to practice English but which the makers do not want “to become too closely associated with anything as worthy as learning.”
  • Find out what’s going on with native speakers who forge degrees and qualifications in Korea.
  • Investigate the sad yet odd story of a 36-year-old American teacher of English who died in China.
  • Check out the suprising story of a British man who got up to no good in Thailand…and was turned in to the authorities by his mother. (Current TEFL teachers can breath a sigh of relief: he only claimed to be teaching English.)
  • Read the latest employment warning from Tesall.com and also check out that sites links for teachers.
  • As for blogs, catch up with a woman who has just finished a TEFL course in Egypt, and find out how blogging can improve your students’ English in a recent entry at Teacher Dude’s Grill and BBQ.