Daily Dose: September 23

p7110009-grose-antique-books-with-candle-1436x11041.jpgGet your fix of TEFL news right here:

  • Find out why the first year of TEFL can seem like the longest from the Guardian Unlimited.
  • Learn the latest about Pakistan’s plan to start teaching math, science, and IT in English.
  • Read the fairly obvious news that current events in Thailand may well result in a decrease in TEFLism (as well as tourism).
  • Get the top ten here…top ten books on the English language according to Professor of Linguistics David Crystal, that is.
  • Find out why a professor of English at the University of Hong Kongs says that Korea should dispose of the “native speaker model.”
  • Discover yet another TEFL oddball who taught English as a foreign language while his law career stalled.