Elementary Level E-book Available At Grammarman Comic

dialgbook.gifIf you’ve been lamenting the fact that you don’t live in one of the cities where Grammarman appears in the English language newspaper, and you’ve already checked out the episodes of Grammarman available online, there’s a new arrival: an e-book for elementary readers featuring Grammarman in yet another adventure: Dial G For Grammar. The e-book also features a variety of exercises to keep readers busy – and illustrations by EFL student Pao.

We start at vocabu-lair, Grammarman’s house, and find him studying English grammar after breakfast. It transpires that there have been several robberies as of late. What’s been stolen? Wine, jewellery, gold, luggage, equipment and of course money. Who’s the thief? Grammarman has an idea when Apha-bot offers him coffee with milk and/or sugar.

Any ideas? Keep in mind that Grammarman has many enemies, but only one…

…who loves to steal uncountable nouns!

That’s right, Uncle Uncountable is back and up to trouble, but you’ll have to read the e-book to find out how Grammarman – and Uncle Uncountable – use some other uncountable weapons in their battle and whether or not good grammar prevails. As your students read, they’ll find a wordsearch, much matching both of words to definitions and words to pictures, comprehension questions, true/false sentences and scrambled words. As expected there are also exercises dealing with countable and uncountable nouns as well as their partners in crime: some, any, much and many.

For more Grammarman, you can of course go directly to Grammarmancomic.com, or I can make it just a little more difficult for you and increase my page views a bit by sending you to the TEFL Logue Table of Contents of Grammarman posts.