ESL Classroom 2.0 Review

I recently got a comment (about the most important quality in a teacher) from David, creater of ESL Classroom 2.0. I visited his site when he left the comment and liked what I saw…I’m a little embarrassed that it has taken me this long to get around to reviewing the site, but better late than never!

ESL Classroom 2.0 describes itself as an international community of English language teachers sharing…

There are active forums, with topics like instant lessons/lessons in a can; stories to inspire and teach (I like these and I also like that there is a promise to update every day or every other day); and conversation textbook recommendations. I suppose I’m on the verge of becoming an ESL café refugee, because I find myself once more noting the contrast between café forums and ESL Classroom 2.0 forums, where civility and constructive comments seem to be the norm.

ESL Classroom 2.0 also offers the possibility of joining various groups, many of which strike me as particularly salient to teachers in korea, such as EPIK, public school teachers, and teaching university level classes. The answer may be lurking on the site, but I have to admit I don’t really know what being in a group involves that makes it distinct from posting on forum – I suspect it may be something like automatic email notifications? Maybe this is something David will comment on!

The site also includes links to member blogs and podcasts, which could be an interesting opportunity to have your work more widely read. Last but not least there is a collection of pictures to which you can add your own or neat onese you find online, or use in class.

There are a number of ESL sites online, so to some extent it is just a matter of finding one that fits your personality and what you’re looking for – if you haven’t found one yet, have a look around ESL Classroom 2.0 to see if this is the one for you.