ESL Pundit: Networking Resource For Teachers

logo.gifESL Pundit, an ESL blog I enjoy, recently made the transition to a social networking site with the goal of connecting ESL pundits across the world. What makes someone an ESL pundit?, you may ask. “It’s simple. If you are a professional working in the field of ESL/EFL/TESOL/TEFL or related, then you are one of us. Join us, get to know other ESL Pundits and build your network!” You never know – you could end up meeting a teacher online who knows your small suburban hometown! Registration is free.

You can peruse jobs, view a great list of ESL links, and post on message boards with extensive forums for discussion – think “sociolinguistics”, “artificial intelligence in ESL”, “games and activities”, and “Peace Corps and teaching English”. There is also a forum dedicated to TESOL news: one recent article mentioned a language exchange program between Spanish-speaking ESL students and English-speaking Spanish learners in the US.

I am a bit sad to see that the older blog posts are no longer available, but there are several new posts, including “memory is not an option” and “dearth of ESL classes – can online learning help?” and I presume many more to come.

The ESL Pundit team seems to have quite an interesting and extensive background as far as qualifications and experience (one went so far as to discuss the case of Frananglais in Cameroon with her linguistics class when I asked for her insight!). So if you’re interested in discussing the profession, have questions, or are just looking for some thoughtful commentary, ESL Pundit is shaping up to be a great resource.