eslHQ: Time For A TEFL Logue Review!

I have to say it is unfortunate that it has taken me this long to check out the excellent eslHQ. What’s so great about it? Basically, it’s full of practical information and fun activities – and easy to navigate to boot. The forums deserve a specific mention as well: they are quite a bit more civil than a certain well-known ESL forum, and people actually provide helpful and constructive answers to others’ questions.

There is a neat worksheet maker, a well-organized section of links, and a specific forum dedicated to games – many of which are geared towards kids but certainly not all. I browsed through these and particularly liked the freeze game for teaching past continuous. I also found a number of ideas in a thread about activities for large classes.

Don’t miss the section featuring articles either – a selection of authors presents, for example, the Do’s and Don’t’s of Finding A Good Job (I guess I’m kind of a stickler on articles like this but this one gets my seal of approval: I agree with most points) and How I Fell Into ESL.

Finally, there’s an interesting incentive to join the forums: if you are one of the eight most active members of the week (measured by number of posts), your site will get some free promotion at eslHQ. Find out more here.

If you like eslHQ, you are bound to enjoy ESL Teacher Talk as well – a joint effort between the eslHQ proprietor Eric and fellow ESL teacher Mark (plus new co-host Ron). Find the TEFL Logue Review of ESL Teacher Talk right here…and be sure to check out eslHQ soon.